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Energy Camp

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YouthPower Energy Camp is for students enrolled in the 8th grade in our service territory.  The schools include Arnett, Buffalo, Fargo-Gage, Ft. Supply, Laverne, Mooreland, Sharon-Mutual, Shattuck, Vici and Woodward.

***Students do not need to live in a household served by NWEC to qualify. ALL 8th grade students in the schools listed above qualify.

Northwestern Electric sends up to five students to Energy Camp at Canyon Camp in Hinton, Okla.  While at camp, the students witness fun presentations from numerous co-op's in the state, and they can participate in lots of hands-on activities, including climbing a utility pole!

"What is Energy Camp?" Flyer


Students who wish to enter must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must be in the 8th grade in NWEC's service territory (homeschooled students at the 8th grade level also qualify).
  2. Submit an essay between 250 and 500 words describing how your life would change without electricity. Consider how it would impact your daily activities and your community as a whole. You may also consider what you would miss the most and why.
  3. NEW THIS YEAR: Students will be asked to create a social media post to accompany their application. This post can be on any social media platform you wish (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, you name it) and the post can be anything you would like as long as it is appropriate and related to your essay submission. Some examples of a post could be something related to your reaction if the power were to go out, or it can be a "what to have in case of an outage" type of post, but feel free to think outside the box! This post does not need to be published, students may attach screenshots of the drafted post for submission with their essay. If students do publish the post, feel free to use the #NWECEnergyCampContest2021. Students can also share links to the post or attach videos as submissions. If for any reason the student does not have access to social media, the student can submit a typed explanation of what they would post and why. (For example: I would write the caption "  " and post it with a photo of " " to Facebook because __).
  4. Include a cover sheet with your name, your parents' or legal guardian's name, home address, telephone number, and name of your school.
  5. Mail the essay, screenshots of the social media post, and the cover sheet to: Lyndsey Harvey, NWEC, 2925 Williams Ave., Woodward, OK 73801. or email the application to
  6. Entry deadline is March 23, 2021. 


The four-day camp is scheduled for June 1-4, 2021.

This plan is subject to change, but be assured, alternative awards or opportunities will be available to students regardless. 


Energy Camp Application Form

Energy Camp Contest Flyer




Watch the 2019 energy camp promotional video to learn more about Youth Power Energy Camp!


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