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District Meetings



The Plan for 2021

"Honey, don't forget to stop by the drive-thru on your way home," is going to take a whole new meaning this February for some members of Northwestern Electric. If you have ever been to a drive-thru, whether it be a drive-thru restaurant or even a drive-thru birthday celebration, the goal is for a quick and hopefully fun experience. Well, this year the employees and staff at NWEC are going to do our best to give members just that. For the first time ever, the meetings for districts one, three and five will be hosted in a drive-thru format in 2021.

While there will not be quaint local venues and impressively-catered meals this year, we hope to help make up for it by offering an NWEC gift bag and a $10 energy credit to every member who registers!

 Members in districts one, three and five will receive a packet including the official notice of the meeting, the minutes from the previous district meeting to review, and a sample ballot which will include the option to approve the previous minutes and vote for trustee candidates running for election in that district. The packet will also include a map with instructions on where to go for their meeting, an organizational certificate to fill out if a member needs to designate a person to vote on behalf of a business, and a checklist for members to review and make sure they have completed all necessary actions and will bring the proper paperwork with them to the drive-thru meeting.

Meeting dates and locations are included below. If you are unsure of which district you are in, be sure to check your billing statement, or give us a call! We would be happy to help. If you have any questions, contact our office at 580-256-7425 or 800-375-7423.


What are district meetings?

District meetings are usually small gatherings hosted in a central location within each district, where members from that district meet with one another and co-op staff to discuss the business of the co-op and to elect a representative who will serve on the NWEC board of directors. Each year NWEC hosts three district meetings. This is because our service territory is split into nine districts, each with a representative who serves a three-year-term on the board of directors for NWEC. These board members are democratically chosen to serve on the board by a vote of the members in the trustee candidate's respective district. A map of the districts in our service territory is shown below. This year, the districts up for election are districts one, three and five.

Who attends?

In short, members of Northwestern Electric of course! This year, it will be members who live in districts one, three and five. If you are unsure of which district you live in, you can check your billing statement, or give us a call! If you live within the district and are not a voting member, please feel free to still stop by and receive your update from the cooperative hand-out. If you are unsure if you are considered a voting member, check out our guidelines below.

NWEC Voting Membership Guidelines


Why attend?

Having a voice in who makes the major decisions that directly affect your life and your family is a right we all share. Less common, is the right to vote for those who will represent your community’s interests within your local electric utility. As a member of Northwestern Electric Cooperative, you have that right, so why not exercise it?

It is once again time for NWEC to host the meetings for district’s one, three and five. These meetings give members a chance not only to choose who represents their district on the NWEC board of directors, but also to learn more about what goes on at the co-op and voice any concerns they may have to members of the co-op staff. These meetings are also a great opportunity for the co-op to gather feedback from our members, so we can better serve you and your family!

NWEC is not owned by far away investors, and it is not run by an appointed board of directors. We are run by a democratically elected board of directors—a board who is given the privilege to serve because of your vote.
Our directors are members of your community. They are concerned with the issues you face every day because they face them as well.

Rest assured, no matter the winner, we remain dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable and affordable electric service, but we encourage you to take part in helping us improve how we deliver that service. So, we ask that you make it a point to attend your district meeting, and hope to see you in early February!



District Meeting Checklist

Voting Membership Guidelines

Voting Instructions and Sample Ballot

Organizational Certificate

Drive-thru Directions

    District One

    District Three

    District Five


    Filing Period for Board Seats Opens January 4, 2021

    Nominations and Election of Trustees

    Drive-Thru, Be Our Guest, and Put Our Service to the Test

    Member Owned, Member Controlled



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